Celebrate the new Karen Millen dress store Louise Roy

Louise Roy Karen Millen
Louise Roy Karen Millen

Contemporary Karen MillenĀ UKĀ label is expanding its operations in the United States, and now includes 12 company-owned. The latest, which opened in January on Santa Monica Place, was launched earlier this year at the Fifth Avenue in New York a new retail concept, a 3076 square feet of shops. The brand celebrates Louis ROE and creative director Gemma Metheringham hosting bicoastal dinner.

“I remember always saving for a special occasion Karen Millen dress,” Roy said. “The brand has grown so much in 30 years, I was a fan of the studio to collect.”

Within the limited edition range, which has been designed around three years Metheringham, exhibited about 20 holiday price 20-30% higher than the core collection. “Our customers are increasingly looking for a different story, and the experience gained in recent fashion. Only 100-200 different styles, we have 60 countries, so they are really getting something that not many other people will have, “she said.

Karen Millen dress also has a shop in San Francisco and the franchise in 22 Bloomingdale’s, it is expanding. Metheringham, the brand has experienced over the last four years of development has become a collection and re-positioning of the print and the image of the full range of motion. The spring of 2016, she said: “It feels like a new way to have emotional and feminine lightness, you will in many floral prints and soft, more fluid fabrics to see.”